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Rev Benny Pang

Rev Benny Pang has been pastoring our Chinese congregation since 2019. Pastor Pang began to work in a restaurant after graduating from secondary school. He migrated to Sydney in 1981 and became a Christian in 1983. He moved on to study at Bible College Victoria (now known as “Melbourne School of Theology”). Yet, rather than becoming a full-time minister, he went back to work as a chef after graduation. It was not until the 911 terrorist attack that Pastor Pang began to realise the uncertainty and brevity of life. Those victims would end up in eternal separation from God if they had not heard of the gospel and received Jesus as Saviour. So, Pastor Peng gave up his job with steady income, responded to God's call to rescue souls, and devoted himself to full-time ministry.  

Over the last 20 years, Pastor Pang has served in various churches and organizations, including the Melbourne Restaurant Evangelism Fellowship. Pastor Pang is married and have a son and a daughter.

Pastor Philip Lin

Philip Lin has served as our English Pastor since 2021. He is passionate about investing in leaders to facilitate discipleship and missions. He is an authentic, relational leader who believes in relationship building because it is the key to intimacy with God/spiritual growth, building a strong church and bringing the gospel to the community. His greatest desire is to raise and empower the next generation to continue God’s purposes for their generation.

He has served previously in various churches in Malaysia and Australia. He is married and have two daughters.

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